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List of Important Links/Downloads

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1 e-office Support OPEN LINK
2 TA-DA, Email Form etc. OPEN LINK
3 Campus Brochure 2020-21 OPEN LINK
4 Fees structure notification 2021-22 OPEN LINK
5 Campus Brochure 2021-22 OPEN LINK
6 Detail of Women Security Guards OPEN LINK
7 Institutes Best Practices OPEN LINK
8 Number of students undertaking internship OPEN LINK
9 (Certificates) OPEN LINK
11 List of Programmes and Circulars OPEN LINK
12 Scholarship Notifications OPEN LINK
13 Holidays 2022 OPEN LINK
14 Fee Structure OPEN LINK
15 Qoutations for Hiring of Buses OPEN LINK
16 Circular regarding computer labs OPEN LINK
17 Quotation for Stationery Items for IK Gujral Punjab Technical University Mohali Campus-1 OPEN LINK
18 Qoutation for Gypsum Partition for Computer Lab at IKGPTU Mohali Campus-1 OPEN LINK
19 Quotation for Kitchen of Canteen of IKGPTU Mohali Campus-1 OPEN LINK
20 Enroll for Admission Session 2023-24 OPEN LINK