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The interactions or conversations elicited by events helps students build relationships, understand different perspectives and engage other cultures. At our campuses, extracurricular involvement is a key tool in this personal development. For the majority of students, involvement in extracurricular activities plays an integral role in the collegiate experience. Students become involved in extracurricular activities not only for entertainment, social, and enjoyment purposes, but most important, to gain and improve skills. 

Students put in their best efforts to make college fests entertaining and exciting. These multiple cultural events, technical fests, celebrity performances, competitions, partying with friends make you confident and job ready. These amazing college fests play a significant role in shaping the career of a student, read on to know how.

Recent Events at Campus

One day Sports Event Organized on 04th May 20224 May, 2022

One day Sports Event Organized on 04th May 2022

One day Sports Event Organized on 04th May 2022 by Sports Club of I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University, Mohali Campus-1 to motivate the students for physical development.

Holi Festival of Colours Celebrations17 March, 2022

Holi Festival of Colours Celebrations

Holi is a festival that celebrates many things. It is more than a festival. It is an emotion and an expression. It celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Holi celebrates love and friendship. It symbolically burns away evil and hatred. here are some Holi captions that capture the essence of the spirit of Holi.

Celebrating International Women's Day8 March, 2022

Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day

Basant Panchmi Celebrations8 February, 2022

Basant Panchmi Celebrations

The harsh winter ends, spring is God-sent; A song on every lip; reminding one of your; Nature at its very best, charting a new course; The flowers bloom, let’s romance to the core!

Online Expert Talk on 27 April, 2021

Online Expert Talk on "Cyber Security Current Challenges"

Department of computer Science & Engineering conducted an Expert talk on “Cyber Security current challenges” organized by Sh. Gurcharan Singh, Cyber Faculty

Tap B plan Event 11 November, 2019

Tap B plan Event

Tap B Plan is organized to motivate the students in respect to be an entrepreneur.

Fresher’s Party Organized by CSE Students26 September, 2019

Fresher’s Party Organized by CSE Students

Fresher’s Party Organized by CSE Students in respect to be familiar with each other

Teachers Day Celebration5 September, 2019

Teachers Day Celebration

Celebration of Teachers’ day in Department of Computer science & Engineering

Quiz Competitions5 September, 2019

Quiz Competitions

B. Tech CSE students organized IT Quiz Competition for awareness and sharing the knowledge about technology.

Induction Program15 July, 2019

Induction Program

2 weeks Induction programme organized to groom the overall personality of students and make them acquainted with the culture of the institution as well as the city.

Workshop on Soft Skill3 April, 2019

Workshop on Soft Skill

The Department of CSE, IKGTPU, Mohali Campus-1 conducted 01 days workshop on Soft Skills to ameliorate the skill set of the students.

Linux Administration workshop15 February, 2019

Linux Administration workshop

Linux Administration workshop

Volleyball Tournament13 February, 2019

Volleyball Tournament

Volleyball Tournament

India First Leadership Talk24 January, 2019

India First Leadership Talk

India First Leadership Talk

Taekwondo sports Tournament3 August, 2018

Taekwondo sports Tournament

Taekwondo sports Tournament

Workshop on Leadership and overall personality development27 July, 2018

Workshop on Leadership and overall personality development

Department of Computer science & Engineering organizes a workshop on leadership and overall personality development by Dr. SM kant, former Director of Youth Affairs, Panjab University Chandigarh.

Bhangra Classes18 July, 2018

Bhangra Classes

Bhangra Classes